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The late Christopher Kohl

  Kohl Consulting, Inc. developed copyrighted Florida state-approved solid waste operational training materials for on-site training at solid waste facilities. We have given exclusive rights to two of our long-term instructors to use these materials which were originally created by the late Christopher Kohl, who was a dedicated active member of SWANA and helped to lead the Florida solid waste industry in to the new millenium.

  If you need operator training, please contact one of these two instructor/providers for information. These providers have "been there and done that". The Kohl courses contain a comprehensive review of the entire scope of Florida's solid waste activities. Our highly interactive courses are designed to educate and prepare attendees for growth in the industry.

Instructor/Provider Mark Hart and Instructor/Provider Jerry Wood, PE


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  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Approved Solid Waste Facility Operator and Spotter Training. Includes Operators and Spotters at Class I and III landfills, C&D disposal sites, Transfer Stations and Materials Recovery Facilities.
  • Initial and continuing training courses offered for on-site presentation to meet your schedule and your operational constraints.

Melody Kohl, President and Owner
Kohl Consulting, Inc.



Anyone looking for records of training completed prior to January 1, 2019, contact Melody Kohl.